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Moving Files Between MS Word and Pine

In some cases, you may find it easier to compose in MS Word, then move your text to Pine to mail it. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Cut and paste from one application into the other
  2. Use Rapid Filer to transfer files

In either case, remember that you should save your work in MS Word as Text Only, because Pine cannot reproduce much of the formatting that a word processing program such as MSWord uses

How to cut and paste between MS Word and Pine

This is the simplest way to move text between these two programs. You can also use the Cut and Paste functions within an open Pine window, to save a passage of text from a message you are going to cancel, and then paste it into a new message.

Remember that, other than cutting and pasting,
you canít use your mouse cursor to do operations in Pine!

You may find it helpful to adjust your MS Word and Pine windows so you can see both at the same time. Do this by positioning the arrow cursor at the margin of the window, where it becomes a double arrow. The double arrow allows you to change the frame size.

  1. To begin, go to the Program Manager window and boot up MS Word.
  2. After the new document window opens, set the right margin to 4.25Ē. This will insure that your lines wonít have more than 75 characters, the maximum that some mail programs will print per line.
  3. Many types of formatting (bold, italics, fonts) will not print in Pine or other mail programs. When working in MS Word,


  4. After you have written your message, pull down the Edit Menu and choose Select All, then Copy
  5. Now go to your Pine window, and, using the keyboard arrows, position the cursor in the Message Text field
  6. From the Pine window Edit menu, choose Paste

You can do the reverse operation as well, cutting or copying text from a message in Pine and pasting it into an MS Word document. This is useful if you have a long message in Pine which you would like to save or edit in Word.

How to send a document as an attachment

The first step is to move your text from MS Word to Pine, as follows:

  1. Double click on the icon Rapid Filer
  2. In the Remote Host field, type qal
  3. Tab to the next field, User Name, and type yours
  4. Click open; at the password prompt, enter your password
  5. From the file menu, select change directory; at the prompt, type g:\users\your user name
  6. Find your folder and open it; drag and drop the document you wish to mail to the bottom screen

How to attach and mail a document

  1. Exit Rapid Filer and go to Pine via Host Presenter
  2. Log in. At the first prompt, type ls; this will show you that your file has been transferred
  3. At the second prompt, type Pine. Choose C (compose), and address your message
  4. In field labelled Attachment, type ^J (control + J); you will see a field at the bottom of the screen, in which you type ^T to see a list of files you can attach
  5. Select the file you have transferred by highlighting it, then hit return; the name of your file will be printed in the attachments field
  6. Tab to the message text field and write a message to accompany your attachment

How to open and read an attachment

  1. In Pine, select L from the Main Menu to view your folders; your inbox should be highlighted
  2. Type V to view your new messages; type V again to view the attachment index
  3. Type V again to read your message, then E to exit and return to the index
  4. Select the second part of the message, the attachment, and type V to view it
  5. After reading the message, type S to save it to your folder

How to transfer a file from Pine to MS Word

When you save an attachment by typing S, a file is automatically created in your home directory. You can then move the file from Pine to MS Word using Rapid filer, as follows:

  1. Go to the Program Manager screen; double click on Rapid Filer
  2. Follow the same procedure you used to send a file as an attachment (see above), only this time,
  3. find your file in the bottom screen and drag and drop it to the top screen
  4. In MS Word, choose Open from the File menu; in the field labelled Drives, make sure that you are in Drive G
  5. In the field labelled List Files of Type, select All. You will see a prompt listing file types; click OK

If you want to transfer another type of file - an individual e-mail message, for example - here's a shortcut:

  1. You can begin in two ways : with the message open, or with its folder open and the message highlighted
  2. Following the Pine commands at the bottom of your screen, type E (Export)
  3. At the prompt, give your file a name - one simple word is OK - and hit return

Your file now exists in your home directory. You can find it an transfer it as you did above.

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