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ICCF Computer Lab Basics

When you first come it, the monitor should show a red banner reading Novell Netware. If something else is on the screen ( for example, a prompt reading F:\>, type login and you will be returned to the correct screen.

How to log in
This is the first step in using any computer program in this lab.

  1. At the first prompt, enter your login name
  2. At the password prompt, enter your password
  3. At the prompt reading F:\ >, type win - this will open Microsoft Windows; wait a few seconds while the programs load

At this point, you can boot up MS Word, the wordprocessing program, or Netscape, to access the Internet. Because there are two different operating systems in this facility (the PCs we are using operate on DOS; our e-mail accounts are on the UNIX system), an additional step is required to use e-mail (see below).

How to access Pine and your e-mail account

  1. Click the Host Presenter icon
  2. Again enter your login and password - this will connect you to the UNIX system.
  3. There may be a slight delay before the next prompt; at that time, type pine - this will connect you to the Pine, mail system.

How to exit Pine

  1. Type M. This will take you to the main menu.
  2. Type Q (for quit); at the prompt reading Really quit pine?, type y. At this point, you may see additional prompts asking you if you want to expunge deleted messages from your inbox. If you’ve read them and saved them, or simply want to trash them, type y here too. This will keep your inbox from getting too crowded.
  3. Pull down the file menu and select exit . At the prompt asking you Close session QAL?, type y; this will return you to the Windows main menu.

How to exit Windows and logout

  1. Pull down the file menu and select exit Windows
  2. At the prompt asking if you really want to end your session, hit return for yes
  3. At the prompt F:\>, type logout
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