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Some Basics of MS Word

How to begin writing in MS Word
Whether you are using the Pine e-mail system or MS Word, the initial steps are the same

  1. At the first prompt, enter your login name.
  2. At the password prompt, enter your password.
  3. At the prompt reading F:\ > Greetings (your name), type win.
    This will open Microsoft Windows, where you will see a large window labelled Program Manager
  4. Click on the icon MS Word v.6

You should see an open window reading document 1. You can begin writing.

How to save your work
When you wish to save your work, do the following:

  1. Pull down the file menu and select save
  2. In the file name window, give your document a name.
  3. The name must have no more than eight letters, followed by .DOC!

  4. In the window labelled drives, make sure you have selected drive g:\\angus .
    Remember, always save your work on drive G! That way, it is accessible from every workstation in the lab.
  5. Click OK. Your work is now saved

How to end a session

  1. From the file menu, select Exit; you will see a prompt asking you if you want to save changes to the open document
  2. From the file menu,choose exit Windows
  3. At the prompt, select OK
  4. At the next prompt, type logout. You have ended your session
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