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This project has two parts: a visit to Rio de Janeiro in which you are instructed to find specific information, and a brief
report on a city of your choice. You can do the project online, or you can print out this page and do it by hand. If you
want to do it online, the following steps will make your job easier:

  1. Pull down the file menu at the top of this screen and open a new web browser
  2. Use the second browser to do the project; keep these directions on view in the first browser
  3. If I have indicated that I want you to mail your answers to me and the class, you can also open a mail window
    and write your answers in it as you find them

We'll begin our tour at the CityNet website...

From the City Net homepage, you can travel around the world through cyberspace and get information and maps
about cities and countries you may want to visit.

Let's practice with a visit to Brazil. To begin, scroll down to the bottom of the page and point your cursor at the
continent of South America, and click

  1. Now, point your cursor at Brazil, and click again
  2. Click onRio de Janeiroeither on the map or in the Directory
  3. Click onMaps in the menu bar just above "Rio de Janeiro"
  4. Go to Rio de Janeiro West

    What is the name of the large park in West Rio?

  5. Go back to Maps - you can use either the Back button, or the Go menu on the toolbar
  6. Go to Rio's Beaches

    What are three major beaches?

  7. Use the Go menu at the top of the screen to go back to Destinations: Rio de Janeiro
  8. UnderRio de Janeiro: Top Sites click on Rio de Janeiro

    When and by whom was Rio discovered?

  9. Go back to the Destinations page

  10. What is the weather like in Rio today?


  1. Choose a city that you have always wanted to visit.
  2. Use similar steps to the ones above to go to that city.
  3. Write a short report containing some interesting information about your city. Remember to Write this in your own words rather than cutting and pasting!
  4. Mail it to me and your classmates
  5. For some first-hand information about your city, visit the Web of Culture where you can find the e-mail
    addresses of people from all over the world who are interested in discussing culture

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